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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to see my G.P. first?

You do not need to see your GP if you are paying for your own treatment. However, some insurance companies do require you to be referred by a G.P., in which case you will need to see your GP first.


Do I need a doctor's referral?

You do not need your GPs consent to visit an osteopath. In fact, most patients we see come to us by word of mouth, recommended by friends and/or family. (see also private medical insurance).

Is there parking?

Yes, there is plenty of off stfreet parking available at the Newbury practice.

How long are the appointments?

The initial consultation takes between 45 minutes and an hour. Follow up appointments take about 45 to 60 minutes depending on the complaint.

What should I wear?

Please discuss this with your practitioner when booking and it depends on the areas of complaint. As with any medical examination, you may be required to remove some outer clothing so easily removable items and sensible underwear is best, so we can examine and assess your body as a whole. We need to find the cause and understand how other areas may be affecting the symptomatic region. Best wear light, thin, comfortable clothing to start. Patients are welcome to bring a pair of shorts with an elasticated waistband and vest type tops. This generally helps patients and osteopath to feel more at ease with each other.  

Remember, you may also bring a friend or relative with you as a chaperone if you wish.

How many sessions will I need?

It is hard to tell how many sessions you will need until an osteopath has carried out a full assessment. Some conditions clear up after a couple of treatments; others may take longer to sort out. Degenerative or postural complaints often need some ongoing treatment. After your first appointment, we should be able to give you a treatment plan and an estimate of the number of treatments you will require.

Does it hurt?

It shouldn’t but depends on your complaint, Some acute conditions are more painful to treat than chronic complaints. Treatment can be uncomfortable in some situations. Soft tissue treatments may cause a little discomfort, but they should not be painful. It is not unusual to feel a little sore or stiff after treatment for 24 -48 hours. This is a normal healthy response to treatment. If treatment becomes painful, do tell us so that we can change to a more comfortable method. Sometimes manipulations can be a little painful, they are not mandatory and there are many techniques available depending on patient choice and consent.

How do I pay?

You can pay for treatment either by card, cheque, cash, or bank transfer. If you are claiming on a health insurance policy, we can issue a receipt for you claim. We do not deal directly with health insurance companies. (See below).

Does my private health insurance cover treatment?

Your health insurance company may cover some of the cost of treatment but we do not currently deal directly with health insurance companies. Many claims are subject to an excess charge and there is usually a limited number of sessions.

Are there disabled facilities?

Yes, we have partial disabled access in Newbury.

Am I too old/young for treatment?

Patients may be treated for the trauma of birth to the arthritis of the elderly and so there is no age barrier for osteopathic treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are generally very rare. You may experience some tiredness or soreness for a few days after your treatment but this will subside.  Osteopathy is a very safe and effective form of treatment and most patients feel substantially better for it.

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